Soca Kayaking

Kayaking on the Soca River is exhilarating. The Soca River, pronounced Sotcha, is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe and also hosts many important Kayaking competitions.  The river runs from high in the Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps, and flows quickly down to the Adriatic Sea in Italy. The rapids and the deep calmer pools, created by the soft limestone bed of the river, give it a versatility that makes Soca kayaking suitable for the very advanced kayak enthusiast, or the complete beginner.

Kayaking as a sport!

Soca KayakingKayaking is moving down the river in a vessel, the majority of which are made of fiberglass. The different designs of kayaks are for different purposes, e.g. slalom, sea-kayak, white-water etc. What makes the kayak different from a canoe is the sitting position of the paddler and the paddle.  A kayaking paddle is double- bladed and a canoe is single bladed. It is definitely NOT a good idea to just hire the equipment from one of the many agencies in Bovec and take yourself off to the Soca for a trip down the river. Rapids and white-water kayaking on the Soca is for people who know what they are doing and not for beginners. Even the experienced are advised to take a guide with them on the Soca River.  The agencies along the banks of the Soca offer guides, equipment hire but best of all, the whole package of lessons.  The guides/instructors will take you to a calmer part of the river where you will get a feel for the vessel in moving water.  This is a sport that some master immediately and progress rapidly, others take a lot longer, some never do and decide it’s not for them.  There is no way of knowing which one of these you will be until you have tried it.  It is not always the ones you think either as it does not depend on fitness levels or other sports practiced by that person.  One thing is for sure, once you get the ‘bug’ for Soca kayaking you will become fanatical about it and the adrenalin rush is addictive so beware!


Soca Kayaking Videos

Many visitors and professionals post videos of Soca kayaking on Youtube and there is no better way to describe the fun and excitement than to show you their own videos. Sit back and enjoy these amazing videos:


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