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Thinking Of Visiting Birmingham?

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CLC world free holiday is one of the best ways to visit the places that you have only ever heard of! Imagine getting a chance to go on a trip to visit exotic locales with the chance to experience distinct cultures. Sounds great right?

Have you seen Natalia K Bilash’s article on the importance of taking vacations? You can find it at According to this brilliant write-up, people must take a break from their everyday, routine and stressful lives occasionally. Can you believe that majority of Americans never make use of their paid leave? This is a very disturbing and sad fact. People have become addicted to their work and have become dedicated workaholics! Even those who do take trips are more concerned with the pics that they post on various Social-Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The thrill of adventure is certainly lost on such frivolous people. Natalia's article ought to be an eye-opener for such people.

Recently, people have shown a great interest in visiting England’s second largest city Birmingham. This is a great place to visit, either alone or with friends and family. The sheer number of sights and activities are bound to keep people of all age groups occupied during their entire stay. A casual online research will show you the testimonials of people from across the world, vouching for the pleasantness of the stay as well as the safety standards of this great city.

If you too are planning to visit Birmingham in the near future, it might be wise to get to know some of the popular sights and activities, beforehand. Let’s take a brief look at some of the things you can do during your visit, shall we?

· The Thinktank Planetarium If you are planning to go to this great city with your kids, then this will be the one place that you can never afford to miss! This is a museum with around 10 themed galleries. Get ready to get enthralled with a 360-degree view that can be had from the seats at this ultra-cool place!

· Experience A Rich Dining Experience! Birmingham is a food lover’s paradise. Whatever your preferences may be, Birmingham’s local restaurants are sure to cater to it! Try the breakfast spread at The Bogue, or if you are a seafood enthusiast, you could try chef Chris Hastings’ Hot and Hot Fish Club. Meat lovers will enjoy the delicacies that are offered at award-winning restaurants like the Highlands Bar and Grill, Bottega, Avo, etc.

· The Falconry Centre Are you a bird lover? If so, get yourself to the Falconry Centre. Here you will be given the chance to hold a hunting bird, like an eagle, falcon, hawk, etc. You needn’t worry about the holidays, as the Centre will be open all throughout the week.

· The Red Mountain If you want to see Birmingham in all its glory, hike up these mountains and take in the glory of this city as it gets bathed in the darkening hues of the sunset.