Things you should not Miss When you are Visiting San Francisco

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San Francisco is the best city in terms of amenities and attractions. Though it is small in size, it has lot of sightseeing places. It is easy to travel and do several great things in short time. You can spend weeks and experience the entire attractions of the city. Here suggesting ten things you should do in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge One of the most famous bridges in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter you have travelled to several countries or cities, you will still feel amazed to see this stunning structure. Do not miss to walk over this fabulous bridge when you visit San Francisco. More than 120,000 automobiles drive across the bridge every day. There is also a separate pedestrian walkway. You can cross on foot. The bikers are permitted on its western side. It is said to be a famous photographed place on earth.

Cable Car Ride Cable car ride is famous in San Francisco since nineteenth century. It transports thousands of people every day. The car moves on tracks. It functions through an underground cable. You can hear the bells of cable car from miles away. You can purchase cable car tickets at the venue or during the turnarounds. Each one-way offer amazing views of exhilarating transportation and celebrated hills of the city.

Visit the Rock Alcatraz is a famous former prison. It is located in the middle of island with the same name. It is in the midst of San Francisco Inlet. The prison is popular because some of the renowned criminals of United States were incarnated here. Several prisoners have tried to escape but no one has ever escaped from the ‘Rock.’ It was completely shut down in the year 1960.

The stories about Alcatraz prison remains legendary. It remains as a fascinating spot till date. You can even enjoy recorded cell house tours. It helps the travelers to know interesting details about prison, discover the grounds and history of buildings. It is recommended to make advance reservations especially if you are travelling during peak season time.

Sea Lions: Fisherman’s Wharf is a home to the famous Pier 39. It is a wonderful waterfront marketplace. It is a popular attraction in the city. A group of native Sea Lions has resided on the floats. People visiting Pier 39 Marina ensure to line up and enjoy their antics. Madame Tussauds and San Francisco Dungeon are close to this spot. You can easily reach by walking. Apart from these, ensure to visit Believe it or not (Ripley) and popular crab vendors retailing walk away shrimp and crab cocktails.

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